Cannon Cliff New Hampshire

January 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Cannon Cliff New Hampshire
Conditions: Exciting
Goal: Climb and Practice mixed techniques

The Whitney Gilman Ridge is typically a six pitch climb and in winter conditions such as these, it was hard fought. Matt had asked me if there is a rating for this type of climbing. I would rate this rime ice clad rock MMG Severe. One had to have an open mind on snow covered rock and combine all skills to ascend, it was very engaging. We climbed 2 pithces and decided to descend, climbing is a process, and we enoyed being schooled by the mountain.

Upon climbing to this point on the wall Matt and I decided to descend, happy and excited to return
in 2 weeks. Next week I am leading a 32 mile White Mountain ski traverse with Plymouth State University, this will be fresh on both of our minds.

Another good day with Mooneymountainguides, come climb with us on your frozen adventure.

Steve MMG
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