Shoestring Gully Feb 22, 2010

February 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m Torin Fitton and I will be doing some guest blogging on the Mooney Mountain Guide site this week. I started climbing ice 7 years ago with Art and it has become one of my life’s pursuits (the other is heart surgery but that is a totally different story). Since then, climbing has taken me to many beautiful places but I always return to New Hampshire in the winter to climb with Art who has become a mentor, teacher and close friend.
Today we had a beautiful day in the mountains climbing Shoestring Gully on Mt. Webster. The route is a great alpine adventure and today was no exception. The route was transcendent, complete with rime ice coating the trees and upper walls as well as the sun warming the summit to almost 40 degrees!

Final pitch to the summit framed by the sun and a bluebird sky!

Heading into the final gully and ice runnel

Upper pitches coated in rime ice
Resplendent Crawford Notch from Shoestring gully
-Torin Fitton

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