Ammonusuc Ravine Climb of Mt Washington

March 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

It is springtime in many areas but not on Mt Washington – the mountain is covered in deep snow. This past weekend we climbed up the Ammonusuc Trail to the summit. Along the way we passed the remains of a massive avalanche that came down Ammonusuc Ravine during the 5 foot dump in late February. The avalanche cut a wide swath through the valley all the way to the junction of Monroe Brook. A new ski run for many years to come.

The climb to the summit was very good. Conditions are perfect on the mountain right now. The trail is packed out, the upper mountain is covered in neve type snow, the climbing is as easy as it gets. The weather was winter like with temps in the single digits and the winds were as usual 55+ miles and hour on the summit cone. Another blustery day on the mountain.

Below are a few group shots and climbing photos of the March 28th climb to the summit of Mt washington.

MMG guide Matt Riiter leads the group up the summit cone of Mt Washington.

Our summit photo of ten folks on the summit at 12 noon, we made excellent time on our ascent.

The team working down the summit cone in excellent snow conditions.

The team in good form on the steeps below Lake of the Clouds Hut.

We had another good day on the mountain, many happy faces for sure. The next day it rained hard – conditions would have been horrible on the mountain. You never know what the weather in New Hampshire will be. Get out there when the forecast is good as it may not last long.

Art Mooney


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