Tunnel Vision

April 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

The route Tunnel Vision has some very unique climbing. It is mostly a wide crack climb with chimneys and hand cracks. There is one pitch were you actually tunnel through the cliff for about 100 feet and come out in a different area to join another crack system. The route is a rated 5.7 but one should be climbing above that grade as the chimney pitches are quite challenging. Here are a few photos of the recent AMGA Rock Guide Course.

Guide in training Buster from Colorado tending the belay. He has two separate stacks of rope as the first pitch had a tough traverse and we climbed one at a time or caterpillar style.

Here Buster enters the wide chimney pitch. He has the two ropes with him to belay us up together. This two person belay technique or simul belay allows the party of three to move quicker on the route.
Ben is climbing into the darkness on the tunnel pitch. As you climb deep into the chimney you see light entering the back side.

The final pitch climbs steeply in cracks and corners. Ben is topping out on the skyline. The Tunnel Vision route is one of the must do climbs in the Red Rocks area. Lots of fun climbing through some very unique terrain.
Art Mooney

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