Mooney Mountain Guides Training Day

May 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Spring has arrived – Its Time to Rock Climb!!!
With the change of seasons it make perfect sense to have a guide get together and incorporate a training session. Many of us get rusty if we are not using techniques for a while. RJ put together a training day at Rumney to brush up on the techniques we will be using this season while working on single and multi pitch rock climbs.
Sunday was a busy day at Rumney. We located a good spot to chat up by the Venus Wall, plenty of room to spread out our rope and discuss and review techniques.

RJ demonstrating the use and release of a direct belay on the anchor. Our practice included a variety of belay tools such as ATC Guide, Reverso 3, GriGri and GiGi. All the devices require some knowledge of the slight differences they each have for the guide to operate smoothly, belaying into the anchor or lowering down the climb.
RJ is releasing a loaded belay plate, using a 2-t0 1 pulley system. We also played around with the ole fashioned Block and Tackle system.
Continuing education is a valuable part of the work each of use do. It can be hard to allow time for this type of training due to our busy lives. I want to thank each of the guides for taking time out of their weekend to get together.
Art Mooney

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