Rain then Cold leads to Crisp Dry Rock

May 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

It rained all day on Saturday up in NH. On Sunday the storm moved out, cold air arrived from Canada, it was actually spitting snow on the drive up to Rumney. Jerry came over early in the morning. Jerry likes the colder weather and is always ready for a day on the rock. I tried my best to stay warm in the 40 degree temps, layered up, and kept moving. Many of the climbs were wet in the morning but the brisk winds helped dry the rock during the day. We climbed a variety of routes at the Main Cliff, Five Eight Crag and Meadows. Jerry was on his game today climbing very well. He sent a few 5.8 routes, then a 5.9 route and we ended the day with the Holderness Crack.

Starting the day climbing on Metamorphis at the Main Cliff, Rumney NH.
A cold day with crisp dry rock.
Here we are the only party at the Parking Lot Wall on a Sunday afternoon.
Surprisingly the Holderness Crack was completely dry. Jerry mid way on a great trad route ending our day at Rumney.
Art Mooney

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