Rumney Rocks with Aubrey!

May 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

You can not trust the weather reports in New England. For days they were saying rain on Wednesday but Aubrey and I would not quit our plans to climb. We waited till this morning to decide and sure enough the sky was clear and the storm went south. Aubrey made the 2 hour drive early and we headed to Rumney. The lot was empty when we arrived and it stayed quiet all day. We climbed numerous routes to warm up then Aubrey led Rise and Shine. We continued the day sampling a mixture of routes, some were steep and pumped our arms and others were a technical face routes which tested our movement techniques. Today Aubrey brought these cool glasses called (CU). They are to help prevent the stiff neck belayers get from looking up. We tested these glasses out during the day, they do take time getting use to but they do work very well. No stiff neck today for sure. The rain stayed south all day making another great day at Rumney for Aubrey and I.

Aubrey getting started on the route Lies and Propaganda.

Aubrey taking the sharp end on Rise and Shine 5.7.

I can CU clearly now.
Check these CU glasses out.
Aubrey working the moves on the climb – Truth and Advertising in the Meadows. Thanks Aubrey for another great day climbing together, see you in a few weeks.
Art Mooney

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