You never know for sure on Cannon.

June 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Alan and I headed up to Cannon to climb Moby. He drove from Toronto for a two day trip. We both had been watching the weather all week and expected clear skies on Friday with chance of showers Saturday. Thursday things changed and it rained hard until late in the evening but the forecast called for clearing skies on Friday morning. I met Alan in the parking lot to find a bit of sun and some blue patches. Looked like it was breaking up for us. We decided to give it a try.

We approached Reppy’s Crack and the clouds and fog came back. Reppy’s was dry so we started up for a pitch. By the first belay a light rain was upon us.
You just never know what the weather will be in the notches, unless it’s a bluebird day you may as well expect changes.
Reppy’s is a great pitch well worth the approach. We waited for 1/2 and hour but the rain continued. Here is Alan rapping off the route.
I took this photo early in the day, fitting for Cannon and the changeable weather. Rumney was our next stop. We arrived at noon and climbed a bunch of routes at the meadows. Saturday it rained again. Its springtime in New Hampshire so get out when the sun is shining.
Art Mooney

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