Wildwood Camp July 13+14

July 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

It was our pleasure to host 7 students and 2 trip leaders from the Wildwood Camp of Massachusetts Audubon Tuesday and Wednesday this week at Rumney Rocks. Day One was devoted to belay, lowering, and rappel school, utilizing the routes in the Dirtigo Area, and our students were very fast learners. Each student climbed multiple pitches, belayed,

lowered, acted as a back up belayer, and rappelled during this lovely summer day. Erik and I worked with the group on Day One, and Todd joined us as a third guide on Day Two for multipitch climbing. Here is the gang putting their new skills to good use on Day One!

Day Two was devoted to a multipitch experience. Each student climbed a two pitch route in a team of four and then rappelled the route back to the base. Here are the “two Alexes” and Cho Hei at the first belay anchor of the Pine Tree Crack. These young men were an excellent team, belaying me, supporting each other, stacking ropes, and keeping us moving upwards like a well oiled machine!
Jen, one of the trip leaders, on a companion route to ours, Clippity Do Dah.
Cho Hei near the top of the second pitch, with Erik’s team below at the first belay of Clippity Do Dah.
Thanks for a great two days, and we look forward to seeing the Wildwood Camp group in 2011!
Richard, MMG

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