Nor Easter in New Hampshire.

October 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Steve and I planned this trip months in advance. Two days of rock climbing and one day climbing Mt Washington. The weather was changing our plans with this big rain event headed our way on Friday. With the forecast most folks would have stayed home. Steve and I decided to meet at the Highland Center at 8am and see what was actually happening. Its was raining very hard when we arrived. Our plans quickly adjusted to a climb on Mt Pierce with a visit to the Mizpah Hut. We layered up with rain pants and coats and headed onto the Crawford Path.
Amazingly – less than 30 minutes into the climb the rain let up. This just shows that one must make the effort as conditions vary widely in the mountains of NH. This was a southern storm and the northern parts of the range were not getting the brunt of the storm.

A very happy Adel, Mark, Steve, and Chris. During our climb we enjoyed rain, high winds, sleet, and a full rainbow.

Steve giving the thumbs up to a satisfying climb.
Adel taking off one of two raincoats.

Mark and Chris charging out of the woods.
During the day there were two rainbows one on the summit of Mt Pierce and this one framing the Mt Washington Hotel. Another great day on the mountain.
Art Mooney

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