Pinnacle Gully Nov 4, 2010

November 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Thursday was an active day on the ice for the MMG guides. Mike was climbing Pinnacle Gully while Phil and I were on the Black Dike. Early season ice climbing is very exciting. The routes may be climbable but ice screw protection is questionable, the ice can be soft and not fully formed, which make for an interesting day on the ice. It’s always good to complete a few routes in November as conditions only get better as winter closes in on New Hampshire.

Mike enjoying a day in Huntington’s Ravine. The satrt of Pinnacle Gully is just behind him.

Varied conditions make Pinnacle Gully a very exciting climb.
More cold is needed to fully freeze the route. As I post this blog this morning it’s 19 on the summit which should improve all the ice in the ravines. See the MWOBS report for current weather on the mountain.
Good scottish turf mixed in with snow and ice on the final pitch.
Great job to Mike, thanks for the photos.
Art Mooney

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