Father / Daughter Ice Climbing in Smugglers Notch

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today I headed up to Smugglers Notch for some ice climbing with father and daughter team Rob and Kaley. Their goal was to learn and refine some waterfall ice climbing skills, and we had a wonderful day for it: Bright blue skies and comfortable (by Notch standards!) temperatures. We spent the first portion of the day at the Workout Wall, dialing in our tool placements and footwork. It was awesome to watch the improvements from lap to lap, despite surprisingly brittle ice.

Here, Kaley cruises her first ever ice climb!
Climbing with a single ice tool is an excellent way to focus attention on footwork, and Kaley was game to give it a try. Once again, she cruised up, a theme that was rapidly becoming familiar.

We moved to steeper ice as the day progressed. Here, Rob looks calm and collected on 70º ice!

With Kaley and Rob showing such progress, and the afternoon wearing on, we decided to head over to the Frank’s Creation area for a bit of true vertical ice. The morning’s work paid off, and Rob stemmed up a vertical groove like a pro!

Kaley looked solid on this very steep line as well. Nice work!

It was a pleasure climbing with Rob and Kaley, and great to see a father and daughter having such a good time together. Thanks, Rob and Kaley!

Derek Doucet, MMG


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