Rumney – the last day of 2010 .

January 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

You have to watch the temps and get to Rumney when its cold. When NH has a warm up for a day or two the ice does not last in this south facing location. I will say Rumney is out of shape today and needs some time to rebuild – could be coming back by next weekend.
Christine and I had a tour of Rumney’s ice climbs last Friday when conditions were prime. The long cold trend allowed many of the routes to form into very thick ice flows. We enjoyed warming up on a variety of ice routes at the area above the meadows. Christine had not climbed this year but it came right back to her. Once she got into the swing she tackle some of the steeper lines with ease. By the end of the day she topped out on a very scrappy finish on one of the mixed routes.

Christine warming up for the first time of the season.

The steeper lines at the Meadows were in fine shape. Christine enjoying a few laps on this route.
Full attention on the exit of this route. The ice ended turning into moss, rock and shrubbery – a scrappy ending to a great climb.
Christine and I had a fun climbing day together. I look forward to seeing her on the ice agin soon.
Art Mooney

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