Mt Washington Winter Climb

February 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Repeat guests at Mooney Mountain Guides are always a good sign. Chris joined me for another Mt Washington climb and his good friend Bing, and brother Len joined us for the weekend. Our proposed climb was a one day ascent of Mt Washington via the Amoonosuc Trail. Conditions on the mountain on Feb 12 were light snow during the day, temperatures at 0, and winds were 40 to 60 with higher gusts. The mountain has a deep snowpack so we used snow shoes to travel on the lower trails then changed into mountain mode (crampons) at the Lake of the Clouds Hut. The weather always seems to make a big turn at tree line. This day was the same after an easy climb through the forest, we broke out into, windy conditions, with snow being whipped up into ground blizzards. With our heads wrapped in full face protection visibility became marginal and some of our goggles froze up. We pushed through and summited at and early 11am. This was our plan – to reached the top early and descend down before the winds reached the expected 70+ mph. On the summit we fueled up, tighten our clothing systems, and cleaned up the goggles. Our descent was quick an we arrived at tree line in a hour or so. The deep snow made for some fun glissading down the Ammo Trail.

Enjoying the approached to the Lakes Hut.

Snow shoe were the ticket to fast travel to the hut.
A few moments on the summit in wild weather which is expected on the top of this mountain.
Low visibility on our descent kept us moving together as a team.
We had a successful climb on a day where conditions were questionable. Our timing the right equipment and preparation ensured us a good chance of reaching the top.
Thanks to Bing, Chris and Len for spending the day on the mountain with me.
Art Mooney

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