Training up for Mt Shasta

March 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today Phil and I joined four ladies for a Mt Shasta training climb in Crawford Notch NH. The Shasta Climb is a Breast Cancer Fund Climb scheduled for June this year and these ladies were part of the east coast team. Our venue was Willeys Slide which is a great place to work on crampon and ice axe techniques for snow climbing. We climbed multiple circuits on the lower Willeys and then climbed a snow route up the left side. To complete our day we worked on self arrest techniques at the base area.

Beth and Cadie putting crampons on in a scenic spot with Mt Willard behind.

Phil leading Juliet, Betsy and Beth on a rising snow traverse across Willeys.
Its time to descend with the plunge step. Todays conditions were quite rough as yesterdays high temps (60’s) softened the snow pack and overnight the temps plummeted and froze up the slope in very irregular rough walking conditions.
Cadie and Beth trying out roped travel on Willeys Slide.
Practicing roped travel on the steeps at Willeys Slide.

Betsy working on slowing down in self arrest.

Whats next for Juliet? Spin around and stop the slide.
A very fun day on the hill with a group of enthusiastic ladies. Lots of learning with plenty of laughter and smiles.
Thank you very much for climbing with Phil and I.
Art Mooney

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